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Special Class | Sunday, September 20 at 7:30pm
At Chabad Lubavitch, 6615 Westwind Drive

As we begin the year 5776 it is worthy to note that it is of unique significance in Jewish tradition. It is a "Year of Hakhel (Assembly)." When the Holy Temple stood in Jerusalem the entire nation would gather once in seven years for an awe inspiring Torah event.

The reaction from many has been quite similar. "What, when or who is Hakhel? If it's so important, why didn't I learn about it in Hebrew School?"

True, the Hakhel Year didn't get the spotlight for a couple of centuries. But who can deny that a year dedicated to gathering Jews together and strengthening Jewish unity is a good thing?

Join Rabbi Levi Greenberg on Sunday, September 20 at 7:30pm for a class on the fascinating details of this special mitzvah as it was observed during the Temple era and its relevance to our day and age. Light refreshments will be served.