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The Story of the Chanukah Lights


The Story of the Chanukah Lights

 I am frequently asked by concerned Jews, “Rabbi, what will be with the future?” Rather than asking what will be, we must ask ourselves “What can we do to create a bright Jewish future?”

Friends, the answer is in the Chanukah lights. The Rebbe teaches us that the candles have a story to tell and we must listen carefully. The formula for kindling the lights on a nightly basis contains a profound and pertinent lesson.

On the first night we kindle one light, on the second night we kindle two, on the third night three, and so forth, until, on the eighth night of Chanuka, we kindle a total of eight Chanuka lights.

The message is clear. In order to nurture and educate a new generation of Jews we must constantly grow in our own Judaism. Continuously add in our Torah study and the performance of mitzvot. Never be satisfied with the accomplishments of yesterday.

A special emphasis should be placed on our exponential growth in giving Tzedakah. Investing our money in our Jewish education and community infrastructure is crucial. And like all investments, it must grow annually.

G-d Al-mighty pledges that every dollar given to charity will be repaid in abundance. Just as we wish for G-d’s blessing in an ever increasing measure, we need to meet Him somewhere along the way.

Let us join together in ensuring a bright and positive future for our people and may we merit very soon, to witness the kindling of the lights of the Menorah in the third Holy Temple.

Happy Chanukah! 

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