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Camp Gan Israel - Amazing Jewish Summer Experience For Kids

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“It’s a camp of laughter it’s a camp of fun. For me Gan Israel is the only one…”

This popular line from the camp cheer quite adequately describes the scene of a typical day in camp. The joy on the campers’ faces as they walked through the doors each morning expressed it more than a thousand words.

For the third year in a row, thirty children were treated to top notch activities and crafts by the dedicated staff. Nutritious lunch and snacks, swimming and field trips rounded off the spectacular program.

More importantly, camp has the unique capability of greatly enhancing the camper’s sense of Jewish pride, identity and knowledge. The Jewish themed activities give the children the opportunity to learn about their heritage in a fun environment. “Since camp, Sammy has a heightened awareness of Jewish concepts in daily life”, says Mrs. Alison Westermann. “In the supermarket he looks out for kosher symbols on the products and wears his kippa with more frequency. We are fortunate to have provided him with a first class Jewish summer experience”.

Perhaps the greatest indicator of the camp’s success is the fact that the campers return year after year for more. “Our kids have attended camp for three years in a row and have had a fabulous time”, says Mr. Shane Lipson. “They have great memories and always look forward to next summer”.

A big thank you goes to our dedicated counselors for their tireless work in making this summer such a success.  Rikki Levertov from Austin, Texas, Esti Laufer from Brooklyn, New York, Nechama Leah Greenberg and Brenda Hamicha from our very own hometown El Paso.

View our beautiful online camp photo album.


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