Making The Right Choices

Friday, 18 August, 2017 - 2:56 pm


Rabbi Levi Yitzchok of Berditchev, one of the great Chassdic masters, was known as the consummate advocate for the Jewish people. He once made the following observation.

“G-d A-lmighty: You created a world with all the delicacies and amenities of life on full display in the streets, and the Torah, Jewish morality and Mitzvah observance is accessible only through intense study of the holy books. Is it a wonder that Your children are distracted and choose to indulge in worldly matters? Had You placed the delicacies of life in the books and displayed Torah and Mitzvot in the streets, they would surely make the right choices always.

This week’s parsha, Re’eh, opens with the fundamental tenet of Jewish life: Free Choice. We are free to choose the way we live. Lightening does not strike the sinner in the act and gold does not fall from heaven to the righteous. It is all set up in a way that allows for distraction from living a life of commitment to G-d.

Yet, G-d provides us the tools to make the proper choices. Studying Torah and following its instructions enables us to navigate the stormy seas of reality and to remain anchored in truth and morality. It is our obligation to educate our children so that they have the necessary information and training to make the right choices in life.

We just concluded Camp Gan Israel. For two weeks, over forty children were treated to an amazing program of refreshing summer fun. The daily schedule was filled with creative activities, crafts, field trips and many surprises. Throughout it all they learned and reviewed many things about Torah, Mitzvoth, Jewish history and practices. The cheers and songs instilled them with a greater sense of Jewish pride and belonging.

Many thanks to the wonderful counselors who made the trip from Brooklyn to spend these two weeks with our El Paso children: Chayale, Rochel, Devorale and Chaya. Your devotion to the campers and enthusiasm for Judaism made camp very special. Thank you to all of our local volunteers for all of your time and effort. We could not have done it without you.

Thank you to all of our friends and supporters for making it possible to have first-class Jewish educational opportunities for the children of our community. Together we will help them make the right choices.

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