Judaism teaches us the immeasurable value of life at every stage. Each generation is an integral part of the long chain of tradition linking to Moses.

Smile On Seniors is a unique program coordinated by Chabad Lubavitch to provide valuable programming and financial assistance for the senior citizens of our community.

Stories of the Talmud
Join our weekly class for seniors at
The Monte Vista - 1575 Belvidere Street

Tuesdays at 2:00pm in the Activity Room

Support SOS 

Ongoing activities include:

A monthly discussion with the Rabbi at the Monte Vista.

Regular home visits.

Holiday events and programs. 

For more information please contact Rabbi Levi Greenberg

Cell: 915.204.6580 | Email: [email protected]

RC Lunch.jpg

Rosh Chodesh Lunch for Women 

Monte Vista Class.jpg

Discussion on Jewish topics at The Monte Vista 

old age home (2).jpg


Chanukah celebration at the Monte Vista Senior Living

 old age home (1).jpg

Chanukah celebration at The Royal Estates

Visiting seniors (1).jpg

Musia Greenberg delivers Chalah to the seniors at the Royal Estates.