Series Archive

Introduction (1): Everyone is Different
In-depth discussion on the introduction of Tanya.

Introduction (2): All The Answers
All our questions about divine service are addressed in Tanya.

Chapter One (1): This Book is for Everyone
How can Tanya be helpful to someone who has no questions?

Chapter One (2): If Only A Beinoni
Explaining the Title of Tanya 

Chapter One (3): Leveling the Playing Field
How the Baal Shem Tov revolutionized Jewish living and made everyone an active participant.

Chapter One (4): The Survival Soul
The breath of life is more selfish than you'd imagine.

Chapter One (5): Natural Goodness
Even when you do much good, you haven't started working yet.

Chapter Two (1): The Divine Soul
One need not search far to find G‑d.

Chapter Two (2): Defining the Jew
Understanding the impact of the "second" soul.



Chapter 2 (3): Soul Levels
Understanding the "anatomy" of Jewry.